AGN Membership Committee at SH+C in Munich

Since several years SH+C is a member of AGN International, an association of more than 200 independent accounting and tax consulting firms in 90 countries of the world. SH+C partner Richard Hempe is a delegate of the AGN Membership Development Committee (MDC).

The photo shows the member of the MDC

In the mid of October the annual meeting of the MDC was held in the offices of SH+C in Munich. The MDC is responsible for the relationship and the improvement of the cooperation of the AGN partner firms in Europe. Also new AGN members were located, chosen and approved by the MDC. Richard Hempe is the delegate of the German speaking AGN members in the MDC.

Also AGN CEO Nicholas C. Blake was an attendee of the MDC meeting in Munich. "Our AGN membership is very important for us, because it gives us reliable contacts to tax advisors and accountants in more than 90 countries of the world", Richard Hempe said.

The photo shows the delegates of the MDC (from the left to the right): Richard Hempe (Germany, SH+C), Fred Thomas (Luxembourg), Milos Petrovic (Serbia), Francois Martin (France, board member of AGN), Berith Ehrenpohl (Sweden), Mike Luckett (United Kingdom).

Article from: 31.10.2011