British-German Joint-Audit By Hazlems Fenton LLP and SH+C group

In the middle of July Russell Tenzer a partner of Hazlems Fenton LLP in London visited the Regensburg office of the German SH+C group. Hazlems Fenton and the SH+C group, both members of AGN International, have a common audit-client with headquarters in the Bavarian city of Regensburg. After visiting the client, a medium-sized IT company, Russell Tenzer discussed the project and possible further cooperation with the SH+C-partners Matthias Winkler and Ralf Ziegler in the SH+C offices.

Ralf Ziegler und Matthias Winkler
(beide SH+C) sowie Russell Tenzer
(Hazlems Fenton).

"It is a big advantage of our AGN membership that we are able to offer cross-border services to medium-sized clients in our region", SH+C Managing Partner Matthias Winkler said. Outside of the Big Four very few audit and tax consulting organizations are able to offer cross-border services. AGN firms are able to offer this international service as part of an international alliance. "The client was very happy that their UK auditor, Russell Tenzer, came to his office in Regensburg to discuss the UK company's audit", SH+C auditor Ralf Ziegler explained. The former UK auditor of the client had never been to the clients headquarters in Regensburg. AGN International members offer a much more personal service as the members tend to be medium sized firms and are better able to service the personal affairs of medium-sized clients.

"It seemed most natural to go and visit the Audit client, irrespective of location ,they were very grateful. They found dealing with a medium sized firm so much better than their previous auditors. They specifically said that dealing with Hazlems Fenton LLP meant they received prompt responses to questions, meant they dealt with a partner and most importantly felt the auditors were sympathetic to all their problems. Working jointly with SH+C went very well and the client received excellent service from both firms", Russell Tenzer of Harlems Fenton said.

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Article from: 22.07.2013