Intensive cross-border discussions of German-speaking AGN experts in Lugano/Switzerland

The AGN colleagues from FiduciariaMega S. A. office in Lugano were this year's hosts of the meeting of the German tax and accountancy experts from our international network AGN. SH + C was represented by four participants, Oliver Kächele, Richard Hempe, Ralf Ziegler and Thomas Herrmann.

The first speech was held by Prof. Dr. Urs Behnisch. He pointed out the fundamental changes in the legal and administrative assistance regulation by Switzerland and how this may have significant impacts on foreign investors in Switzerland.

In a following working group the current issues of posting of workers and in particular the resulting tax and social security implications were presented and discussed among the participants from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Great Britain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. SH + C-partner Thomas Herrmann presented there the situation from a German perspective: “The ever increasing posting of workers requires that we know the conditions and regulations in our neighboring countries at least with the basic ones.”

In another work session on the following day the different relevance of commercial partnerships and especially the very advantageous tax treatment of commercial partnerships in the various German-speaking countries were discussed. SH + C-partner and managing director Richard Hempe explained the corporate and fiscal peculiarities of the GmbH & Co. KG in Germany.

Here it became obvious that the widespread "GmbH & Co. KG" in Germany and Austria in other German-speaking countries such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Netherlands is largely uncommon. Furthermore it became apparent that there are some interesting design possibilities with business premises and investments in other countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia regarding the tax results of a German or Austrian operating GmbH & Co. KG. "The discussion of such topics enables our AGN partners a better understanding of fiscal conditions in Germany, and significantly simplifies the communication if, for example, Swiss citizens are involved in the German GmbH & Co. KG's or want to get involved" noted SH + C-partner and managing director Richard Hempe.

"The personal meeting of the AGN-experts from German-speaking countries allows, especially through the many side conversations, to intensify contacts with colleagues, so that we can request quickly and demand efficiently support when needed" summarized SH + C Partner and CEO Oliver Kächele the outcome of the meeting.

Article from: 11.05.2014