Lectures of Richard Hempe at the university

As in the previous year, Richard Hempe, managing partner of SH+C was appointed as a guest lecturer at the university of the German armed forces in Munich. Richard Hempe gives a lecture entitled "Taxation of business activities" for the faculty of economics there.

Richard Hempe.

The re-appointment as a guest lecturer by the President of the university testifies the competency of professionals and partners at SH+C which has been proven successful by several articles, publications and lectures and opens further links to research in the fields of business studies.

The material covered by the lectures include significant German tax types (income tax, corporate tax, trade tax, VAT) as well as procedures for tax profit calculation, differences in taxation between legal forms and transnational taxation issues. Thereby students are provided with fundamental knowledge in German tax law. Due to the long term practical experience of Richard Hempe as managing partner of SH+C, his students are additionally provided with a detailed insight in taxation issues tackled in daily business.

In addition to the lecture, a tutorial is given by qualified professionals of SH+C to provide students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in topics discussed in the lecture. The tutorial was held by:

  • Ralf Ziegler, Tax Consultant and Audit Manager at SH+C
  • Andrea Rauscher, Tax Consultant and Audit Manager at SH+C
  • Ferdinand Stettner, Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) and Auditor at SH+C
  • Daniel Wimmer, Master of economics and Tax Manager at SH+C

Asked for his motivation of carrying out this teaching assignment again this year, Richard Hempe explained: "Due to the successful cooperation between economic research and tax consultant practice, SH+C is able to use newly developed theoretical methods in the consulting practice and can continually improve and optimize it´s clients support".

Currently, approximately 3,400 students attend the university of the German armed forces in Munich. The courses comprise three terms per year, because students are provided with financial security during their whole studies. Most of the students are officers or cadets of the German military but also foreign armed forces and bigger private companies (in the form of scholarships) send its´ junior staff there, too. Academic degrees received at the universities of the German armed forces (B. Sc. and M. Sc.) are fully recognized in the private sector.

Article from: 19.12.2011