Richard Hempe informs about the "Green Paper" of the EU

Together with André Tabet of Wirtschaftstreuhand GmbH from Stuttgart, SH+C-partner Richard Hempe informed at the European AGN conference in Vienna about the "Green Paper" of the European Commission.

SH+C partner Richard Hempe during
his speech at the AGN meeting in

The title of his presentation was "The future structure of the audit profession in Europe - EC´s Green Paper". AGN International is a union of independent accountancy and tax consultancy companies from more than 90 countries, and it coordinates international client care. Worldwide, more than 200 companies belong to the AGN union, employing a total of approximately 10,000 people and making a turnover of more than a billion Euros.

Richard Hempe explained in his speech the impacts of the planned EU-directive, based on the "Green Paper" of the European Commission, for the market of accountants and auditors. Especially he showed the chances for medium sized auditing companies, like the members of AGN International, regarding the plans of the European Commission. The intention of the European Commission is to limit the influence of the so-called "Big Four" KPMG, Deloitte, Ernst & Young and PWC in the market of accountants and auditors.

"Any more the discussion around the ´Green Paper´ of the European Commission shows the importance of working together between the European AGN partner firms to use all chances in this context", Hempe said.

The presentation of Richard Hempe at the AGN conference is available via this link.

Article from: 06.06.2011