Richard Hempe received teaching assignment

In October 2010 Richard Hempe, managing partner at SH+C group, started a teaching assignment at Universität der Bundeswehr München (University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich, Germany). He gives a lecture on "Taxation of company activities" for students of the Bachelor of Science program "Economics and Organizational Science". Additionally tax consultants of SH+C group do the associated seminar.

Richard Hempe

The nomination as visiting lecturer emphasises the know-how of the managing directors and tax consultants of SH+C group which is also shown in numerous publications and seminars. The teaching assignment offers very interesting points of contact within the field of education and research of business administration.

At Universität der Bundeswehr München there are around 3,900 students at the moment. The academic year is divided into the trimester system, which enables intensive studies and reduces the financial burden for students. The main part of students at Universität der Bundeswehr are officers and officer candidates. However it is also possible for members of armed services in friendly nations to study at Universität der Bundeswehr and some big enterprises offer scholarships and grants to their junior staff. The academic degrees of Universität der Bundeswehr are fully recognised in the private economy.

Article from: 06.10.2010