SH+C at AGN meeting in Moscow

One of the topics at the annual meeting of the European members of the AGN-association in Moscow from 07.06. to 09.06.2012 was the discussion paper of the EU-commissioner Michel Barnier from 13. October 2010 concerning an improvement of the efficiency of audits of annual statements throughout the EU.

AGN Treffen in Moskau
SH+C-managing director Richard
Hempe in Moscow.

AGN International is a cooperation of over 200 independent accounting and tax consulting firms from 90 countries all over the world. SH+C is part of the network for several years and is working in the European cross-border collaboration of accountants and tax consultants.

The members of the EU-countries (Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Cyprus) and the remaining European countries (Liechtenstein, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine) as well as the guests from other parts of the word (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, USA) listened the discussion and the recommended EU-actions with great interest.

SH+C managing director Richard Hempe presented the latest trends and the status of discussion, since the last update at the AGN-meeting in the previous year in June 2011 in Vienna.

One of the main topics of the discussion is the concentrate holding of market shares of the so called Big-Four-accounting corporations (the listed corporations in Europe hold at about 95 %), which is a systematic risk and should be changed according to the EU-commission.

The AGN-association offers especially for small and medium companies comparable services from the regional partner offices. Due to a increase of the collaboration and the optimizing of structures (like the WIRA AG, the members are good prepared for further challenges.


PDF-download of the presentation

Article from: 29.06.2012