SH+C client seminars in Munich and Regensburg – Tax Strategies and publication of financial statements

More than 110 participants, mostly part of the management level, attended the annual SH+C client seminars in Munich and Regensburg in November 2011. Topics of the seminars were tax strategies 2011/12 and the experience after five years obligated electronic publication of financial statements of small and medium-sized companies.

SH+C held client seminars in
November 2011

Matthias Winkler, managing partner of SH+C, informed in the first part of the seminars about the changes in the German tax law in 2011. He explained also strategies for the optimization of the tax situation in companies and groups for the years end 2011. "Especially export companies have to introduce new structures in view of planned changes in the German VAT law regarding intra-community deliveries", SH+C tax advisor Matthias Winkler said. He also informed about new tax guidelines issued by the German Financial Authorities in 2011 and referred to current decisions by the German Financial Court.

In the second part of the seminars Richard Hempe, SH+C managing partner and German CPA, gave an insight in the obligated electronic publication of small and medium-sized companies in the legal body of GmbH (German limited company) or GmbH & Co. KG (German limited partnership company). He informed also how companies can use the information in the electronic register to get more details about suppliers, customers and competitors. "There are also several strategies to optimize the publication of the financial statement of the own company", SH+C managing partner Richard Hempe explained and presented several options.

More information about the seminars and also the handout is available via the SH+C website

Article from: 25.11.2011