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2015 – A critical review

Although already not spoiled so far, it can be said that in tax matters that the policy has reached a new zenith of legislative failure in 2015.

The Federal Constitutional Court has determined the unconstitutionality of the inheritance lawwhich is valid since 2010. There isn´t a new regulation yet and the concepts presented so far are expecting to be even more difficult and more complicated than ever before.

All who have decided their disposition of assets before the Constitutional Court decision are confirmed in their action.

Especially the taxation of pensions has dramatically increased, due to the deferred taxation of pension income. The pension level hasn’t increased so that as a result the future net pensions will be significant lower than before.

The private pensions are urgently distressed, regardless of the interest rate trends, you should start as soon as possible with a private pension in order to take advantage of the long-term effect – but no politician will say that out loudly, this might cost votes.

Finally the minimum wage law, although due to the income levels in Bavaria in the companies there are just a few minimum wage recipients, medium-sized enterprises were covered by a flood of new , unnecessary and costly documentation requirements, setting a new milestone in the expansion of bureaucracy and shows skillfully how you can prepare additional difficulties for medium-sized companies.

If you are questioning about endowment, heritage, retirement or payroll, we are happy to help you.
For 2016, we wish you and all of us more insight and understanding of the legislature, unfortunately many occasion for hope is not looming so far.

Article from: 23.12.2015