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Tax consultants / tax adivsor in Munich and international

agn-International-main-logoSH+C is a member of AGN International Ltd. based in London. AGN International is an association of independent accountancy and tax consultancy companies from 89 countries, and it coordinates international customer care. Worldwide, more than 200 companies belong to the AGN association, employing a total of approximately 10,000 people and making a turnover of more than a billion Euros.

SH+C is thus able to access good international contacts and can arrange competent partners for clients in any important country of the world. All AGN members are bound to hugh quality standards which are checked by the organisation at regular intervals. Because all the partners in AGN member offices are closely networked, SH+C can in all good conscience recommend accountants and tax consultants in other countries.

In the past, SH+C has worked on international projects with AGN members in Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, China, Russia and the USA. We also work closely together with other AGN members in Germany.

You can find further information about AGN International at or ask our AGN contact partners Richard Hempe or Oliver Kächele.

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Germany: WIRA AG


Ukraine: Global Consulting