SH+C awarded by FOCUS MONEY

TOP-Steuerberater Button 2014Every year, the german business magazine FOCUS MONEY  (in cooperation with with the Scientific Director Hausmann and auditors) undertakes a nationwide tax advisor ranking. Selection criteria include the fiscal expertise, specialization, expertise and business success, and above all the quality of work of firms. SH+C was awarded as “TOP-Steuerkanzlei” – as the only firm awarded within Munich.

Each of the approximately 46,000 German tax consultancy firms may participate in the empirical analysis. The results are published in the article ‘Licht im Dschungel – Die bundesweite Expertenliste’ page 62, FOCUS MONEY 15/2014 edition.

A total of 150 firms, each assigned to the areas of small, medium and large firms, were listed on the magazine.

We are pleased that in 2014 the SH+C-firm is ranked on the list of Germany’s top advisers as the previous seven years. SH+C has been listed in the category “large firms”. As a general result FOCUS MONEY 15/2014 states: “Strong in the team. Expertise can be traced out on excellent professional qualifications and that more and more firms are belonging to a group or network .” Here lies the strength of SH+C explains SH+C managing director Claudia Breitschaft: “Our  team of eight tax advisers and public accountantss complements  their various practice areas perfectly, in Germany we can rely on the six locations of WIRA association and internationally we have through our membership in AGN direct contacts in 90 countries around the world. ”

This result is a great compliment for our work done so far and at the same time a high level of motivation for the future. Furthermore we are encouraged to continue to place emphasis on long-term, trusting and personal relationship with our clients.


(Photo: Claudia Breitschaft and Richard Hempe)

This award is a great motivation for our office and will encourage us to set furthermore on trustfully and personal long-term collaborations with our clients.