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SH+C achieved top placement in FOCUS expert survey 2015

In a Germany-wide expert survey, which was conducted in late autumn 2014 by the news magazine FOCUS (results published in FOCUS special edition in February 2015), SH+C was awarded as top-law office address in several categories.


The SH+C team

“The fact that we are named in an expert survey, which is a external assessment of third parties, provides for us – as a mainly in Bavaria active firm – a great distinction and is also an acknowledgement that our sustainable good job is gaining recognition” says SH+C managing director and founding partner Richard Hempe.

The Hamburg-based market research institute “Statista” has questioned roughly 8,600 tax consultants and accountants who work in approximately 3,300 firms in leading positions and asked for their cooperation. The respondents were able to give one or more recommendations for 19 work areas and 10 branches – but only for experts outside their own office. “The fact that we have managed to get onto the list of top firms in several of our main activity areas, underlines our wide range of expertise and the work quality of our professionals” commented SH+C manager and partner Claudia Breitschaft. “An expert survey, in which we can not affect our performance, is an important feedback for the quality of our work and therefore we are particularly pleased to receive this award,” adds SH+C managing director Oliver Kächele.

SH+C has been most frequently recommended in the fields of “advocacy and enforcement against tax offices”, “transformations, restructuring and M&A”, “inheritance and gift“, “VAT” and for branches as ” industry and production ” as well as ” IT, media and creative industries” by the questioned experts and therefore listed on the FOCUS list.

The market research institute Statista has analyzed the results and scheduled those firms, which received the most colleague recommendations, for the individual work areas and branches, on their list of top firms. The results are presented in detail in the article “The tax elite”, which was printed in the FOCUS special edition February 2015 (see on 89 onwards).

Article from: 06.11.2015