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SH+C achieved top placement in Focus expert survey 2016

In a Germany-wide expert survey, which was conducted in late autumn 2015 by the news magazine FOCUS (results published in FOCUS special edition in March 2016), SH + C was awarded as top-tax office address in several categories.

SH+C stands out in this survey over more than 92,000 Tax Consultants nationwide and was awarded in  9 special fields from the business magazine Focus as “Top Tax Consultant”. Besides the recognition of our quality of work, SH+C was awarded especially in the branches industry and production, IT media and creative industries by the questioned experts. One of the reasons is that SH+C can refer to a long standing expertise of its professionals in these branches.

Managing director and partner Richard Hempe of SH+C was pleased with the good performance of his office.

Such a good external evaluation is a very pleasing confirmation that our wide range of expertise meets the requirements for small and medium sized enterprises.

The Hamburg-based market research institute “Statista” has identified for the business magazine FOCUS the “Top Tax Consultants and Accountants”. The ranking was based on the recommendations of tax consultants, accountants and other experts in leading positions. The respondents were able to give one or more recommendations for 19 work areas and 10 branches – but only for experts outside their own firm. Furthermore other criteria such as additional qualifications in the working areas and branches were taken into account. The results are presented in detail in the article “The top addresses”, which was printed in the FOCUS special edition February / March 2016 (see page 87 onwards).

The partner firms within the national WIRA group were ranked with top placements as well. The WIRA group was awarded over the borders of single tax-firms in 15 out of 19 area of work and 6 out of 10 branches. This shows that WIRA group can keep up with big tax-firms. The know-how is used by SH+C for the support of international companies, the so called “Mittelstand”, small businesses and numerous individuals. Overall the network was listed multiple in fields such as “international tax”, “transformations, restructuring and M&A”, as well as in “general counseling and tax return”, “business and legal related counseling”.

Thomas Hermann, partner of SH+C, sees a high benefit of belonging to a strong group for small businesses and individuals:

„In cooperation with a strong team very good solutions can be found for smaller businesses and individuals.”

As a general result FOCUS notes that a professional width and a high degree of specialization as well as interdisciplinary action is demanded.

Here is the strength of SH+C“, summarized managing partner Claudia Breitschaft: “Our team of seven tax consultants and CPAs is perfectly combined by its different practice areas. Within Germany we can fall back upon six locations of the WIRA group and by our membership ag AGN International we have access to competent partners in 90 countries worldwide.”


This result is a great compliment for our work so far and at the same time a high motivation for the future. We are looking forward to continuing the good and personal relationship with our clients.

Article from: 02.04.2016